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About the owners

Kenton and Emily Hostetler are the owners of two distinctly different Bed and Breakfast experiences in Nappanee, Indiana. Kenton grew up in Elkhart County, living in Nappanee in his earliest years. He experienced a small farm growing up, family ministry, and a family business for almost 30 years. His grandparents were in the hospitality business in Nappanee in the 60’s and 70’s, with a motel just on the west edge of town. He has wonderful memories of shopping and eating in Nappanee as a family. Emily grew up in Wayne County Ohio on a dairy farm and college basketball brought her to Elkhart County. After college, she met and married Kenton. They have always had a mission to serve in the church as well as in the community throughout their marriage and they have a big heart for this area partnering with local businesses and churches. Hospitality has always been a passion of theirs throughout the years even before purchasing their first Bed and Breakfast. They have 2 children, Sidney who is in camp ministry, and their son Andre who is finishing high school exploring a career in culinary arts.

Basketball is a passion of their family as well as playing games and being outdoors. Emily loves to garden. Kenton loves sports and Sunday drives through the country with his best friend and bride, Emily.

“We hope your time with us is warm, comfortable, and memorable. Thank you so much for choosing to stay with us.”


Kenton & Emily Hostetler

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